Premium Combat Arms Hacks for Public!

Our Combat Arms hacks does it all: auto-aim, ESP, score boosting, stealth, you name it! See full list of features bellow.

Some Premium Features:
•    NX Chams
•    Aimbot
•    ESP
•    Tele Kill
•    Fly
•    Speed
•    Boxes
•    No Fall DMG
•    Unlimited Ammo
•    Unlimited Respawn
•    Invisible Mode
•    + Many more

Download Now!

We’ve been making hacks now for over 7 years. Our hacks are top-spec, they don’t fail, they rarely get discovered by other players, and you do not have to worry about them getting you banned. They’re almost impossible to detect by the server. Lots of free Combat Arms hacks have been swimming around on the Internet since the game came out. Some were even released before the game came out (how?). If you’ve looked around, you are probably already sure that these hacks are bogus. They don’t work, and when they do work, they’re absolute crap that you’d do better without!
 What’s worse, lots of these other hacks are only “free” because YOU are the product! The people who are making these “free” Combat Arms hacks aren’t doing so out of the kindness in their hearts. Sure, they might give you a hack that works, but beware: NINE times out of 10, these hacks will also plant a virus or open a backdoor in your PC. Before you know it, that amazing account that you spent hundreds of hours of time putting together could all be gone in the blink of an eye.

Combat Arms Hacks

Our Combat Arms hacks are nothing like that. It does what it is supposed to do, make you an automated, ass-kicking beast at Combat Arms, and only that. You don’t have to worry about the hacks not working with your version of Combat Arms. Even the handful of hacks that do work for Combat Arms that aren’t ours, can’t offer you that. Usually, they’ll tell you that their hack works with either the US or EU version of the game. Ours works with both.
If you run into trouble with our hack, we’d be more than happy to help you work it out. That said, we seriously doubt that you’d even need our help in the first place! There’s not a single person who got our CA hack and was not able to use it straight out of the box. In addition to the general hacks that everybody is offering, such as ghost sighting, automated aim, and ESP, we also have a bunch of other hacks that are specific to individual maps. Getting our Combat Arms hack means getting the whole thing in one big, awesome package. Not just the one hack, but all of them. That means that you’re also going to get these map-specific, and character specific hacks whether you like it or not!

It’s about time somebody released a Combat Arms hack that works for everything. Our “packaged” hack is way better than getting single hacks that need to be constantly updated or replace every time the game gets patched. Every time a security measure gets taken against one of these other hacks, you need to log off, go to whatever place you got the hack from, and keep waiting until a fix for the hack gets released, getting it to work again. That just sucks. You could be using that time to play Combat Arms! Instead, you end up staring at wall of text, pressing the F5 key, and waiting for the new hack to finally get released.

With our Combat Arms hack, you simply download it, install it, and it will update on its own every time there is a new security measure that’s done on the server to keep it from working!

Instructions on how to install our CA Hack:
1.    Download from link obove.
2.    Use archiving software (7zip/Winzip/WinRar) to extract files.
3.    Run .EXE file.
4.    Open Combat Arms.
5.    Enjoy!